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Course Application Form (CAF)

Download and printout the latest course application form.  >>PLP-CAF-04-2024

Latest updated:  April 2024  click here to download pdf file:  PLP-CAF-APR2024  

SEDA Malaysia Course Application Form visit the website link below:

The following Course Information can be download here.

1 – Wireman Grade 2 (WM-G2) Leaflet  [Get pdf June]

2 – Wireman Grade 1 (WM-G1) Leaflet  [Get pdf]

3 – Chargeman L1  (CM-L1) Leaflet  [Get pdf]

4 – Chargeman L3  (CM-L3) Leaflet  [Get pdf]

5 – Chargeman L4 (CM-L4) Leaflet  [Get pdf]

6 – Chargeman H1 (CM-H1) Leaflet  [Get pdf]

7 – Building Contract Electrical Wiring (BCEW) Leaflet  [Get pdf]

8 – Authorized to Test (ATT)  Leaflet  [Get pdf]

9 – SF6 Gas and Management Leaflet  [Get pdf]

10 –  SEDA Design Course Off-Grid Photovoltaic (OGPV)  Leaflet  [Get pdf]


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Other Documents :

  • Download eminds Sarawak instruction | Click Getpdf
  • Download Log Book Preparation (Wireman & Chargeman) | Click Getpdf
  • Testset for ATT Requirement  | Click Getpdf