Frequent asked Question (FAQ)

About Competency Wireman courses 

Q1:  What is the requirement for taking up the wireman courses?
  • For fresh graduate after SPM, mandatory requirement must be able to read and write English or Bahasa Malaysia.
  • For working adult can take part time course either 5 days full time (Monday to Friday) or 6 weekends (Saturday & Sunday).
Q2:  What is the difference between wireman grade 2 and wireman grade 1?
  • Wireman Grade 2 – Candidate only can perform electrical installation for single phase supply system (240V).
  • Wireman Grade 1 – Candidate can perform electrical installation for three phase supply system (415V)
  • Candidate must take Wireman Grade 2 and passed the exam before taking Wireman Grade 1.
Q3:  Why candidate or student need to sit for EIU Competency Examination?
A3: In Sarawak, we are following the electricity ordinance and is the law.
Q4: Who issue wireman competency certificate?
A4: The regulatory department – Electrical Inspectorate Unit (EIU) of Ministry of Utilities Sarawak.
Q5: If I have competency certificate PW4 from ST, can I use this certificate in Sarawak to do the electrical installation works?
A5: PW4 certificate is for West Malaysia, you can convert your certificate by taking Electricity Ordinance and Rules and Regulations (EOER) course and sit for EIU Exam. If you pass the EOER exam, EIU will issue you the competency certificate equivalent to your PW4 certificate.
Q6: I have SKM Tahap 2 and SKM Tahap 3 in Juruelektrik Voltan Rendah. Can I use the certificate to obtain EIU competency certificate?
A6: You need to take up EIU competency course and sit for EIU Exam.
Q7: Competency course are conduct in what language.
A7: The competency course are conduct in English / Bahasa Malaysia and so do the exam.
Q8: Can I take up wireman grade 1 and skip wireman grade 2 course since I have working experience in three phase supply system.
A8: EIU stated that every candidate need to take Wireman Grade 2 then continue to Wireman Grade 1.
Q9: Is Wireman Grade 2 course include motor control modules.
A9: Yes, Wireman Grade 2 will learn direct on-line and in wireman grade 1 will study star/delta motor starter.
Q10: What is the job prospect for wireman grade 2 or wireman grade 1.
A10: If you are taking up electrical engineering as your career, then you need to take all the electrical competency certificate.

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