Competency Certificate in Wireman Grade 1 (3-phase System)

Course Code: WM-G1
Course Objective:   This course aims to provide participants with the knowledge of three phase electrical wiring for domestic installation.
Duration: 5 weekdays (Mon to Fri) or 6 weekends (Sat & Sun), or, 3 months

*EIU Mandatory Requirements
*Any person working with three phase wiring installation require a competency Wireman G1.

Theory syllabus as per Electrical Inspector Unit (EIU) requirements:

  • Current Carrying Conductors
  • Types of Wiring (Wiring system
  • Single and Three Phase Distribution
  • Circuit Protection System
  • Testing of Installation (Single and Three Phases)
  • Types, uses and care of AC Motors
  • Starters amid Control of Electric Motors
  • Principles and applications of simple
  • Control devices
  • Real hands-on practical

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Competency Certificate in Wireman Grade 1 (3-phase System)