Competency Certificate in Chargeman L2 (Overhead Lines)

Course Code: CM-L2
Course Objective: This course aims to provide participants with the knowledge of low voltage overhead lines system’s construction guidelines & standards, and the installation and maintenance of the overhead lines system.
Duration: 5 days

*EIU Mandatory Requirements
*Any person working on LV overhead line system require to have a competency in Chargeman L2.

Theory syllabus as per Electrical Inspector Unit (EIU) requirements:

  • OSHA’1994
  • Electrical Safety Rules
  • Standards: Types of LT poles, Safety Clearance, Stays, Conductor Stringing, Sections Poles, LT Services, Fitting at the Building, Connections, Service Stays.
  • Pre-arranged Shutdown Practices
  • Practical: Stay Make Off, Erection & Removal of Ladder, Isolation & Earthing, Overhead Line Works (Binding & Tensioning of Conductors), Pole Top Rescue.

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Competency Certificate in Chargeman L2 (Overhead Lines)