Competency Certificate for Chargeman H1 (High Voltage)

Course Code: CM-H1
Course Objective: This course aims to provide participants with the knowledge of HV electrical safety rules and the operations and procedures of handling high voltage switchgears and its accessories.
Duration: 7 days

*EIU Mandatory Requirements
*Any substation, building or premises incorporated with high voltage switchgears require a competency Chargeman H1 to handle and operate the systems.

Theory syllabus as per Electrical Inspector Unit (EIU) requirements:

  • Voltage Higher than Low Voltage (up to 33 kV) Electrical Substation & Auxiliaries
  • HV Distribution System
  • Power System Protection
  • Power Transformer
  • Type of Substation, Design & Protection Relays
  • HV System Testing
  • Real hands-on practical

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Competency Certificate for Chargeman H1 (High Voltage)