Certificate of Competency for SF6 Gas Handling and Management

Course Code: SF6-GHM
Course Objective: This course aims to create a better understanding for gas handlers or technicians on SF6 gas properties, safer way of handling SF6 gas by practicing the correct procedures of filling & reclaiming the gases from switchgears and the ability to measure and analyze SF6 gas results. Participants will obtain a competency certification from DILO-Germany upon completion of the full course and pass the examination.
Duration: 5 days

Theory syllabus as per DILO-GERMANY requirements

  • Environmental issues, definitions and regulations
  • Physical, chemical and environmental characteristics of SF6 gas
  • Personnel safety and first aid requirements
  • Design and use of SF6 gas in electric power equipment
  • Handling of gas during installation, testing and commissioning of switchgear
  • Management of SF6 gas
  • SF6 gas recording and monitoring of SG6 gas usage
  • Real hands-on practical

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Certificate of Competency for SF6 Gas Handling and Management