2019 Competency Examination (EIU)

Month     Exam Name/Title Exam Date   Exam Registration
January Authorized To Test (ATT) 23-Jan (TP)

24-Jan (PP)

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March 1)  Chargeman L1  and EOER 6-Mar (TP)
7-8 Mar (PP)
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2)  Wireman Grade 2 (WM-G2)  

and EOER  [Confirm]

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3)  Chargeman L4 (CM-L4)   [Confirm]

26-Mar (TP)
27-Mar (PP) 31-Mar (TP&PP)
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April Chargeman L1  and EOER  [Confirm]
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10-Apr (TP)

11-Apr (PP)

12-Apr (PP)

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 No Examination 


 Puasa Month
June Chargeman L1  

Authorized To Test (ATT)*

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 18-20 Jun

 T B C


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July Wireman Grade 1
 9,10,11,12  July   Check Results
Chargeman L1 24-26 July Check Results
August Chargeman L1 and EOER 6-Aug (TP)

7-Aug (PP)

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Chargeman L3 6,7,8,9 Aug   Check Results
September Authorized To Test (ATT) 17 Sept

18 Sept

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October Wireman Grade 1

May prospond to Nov

8-Oct (TP)

9-Oct (PP)

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Wireman Grade 2  14-16 Oct Check Results
Chargeman L1

Chargeman L1

7-8 Oct

22-24 Oct

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 CHARGEMAN L4 (SOLAR) (CM-L4) 17-NOV (TP+PP) Check Results
December Wireman Grade 1  3-Dec (TP)

4,5-Dec (PP)

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TP – Theory Paper & Law Paper,  PP = Practical Paper

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