2021msg1 2021 Let's upgrade ourselves and prepare for future.. .. We are here to aid your skills and knowledge .. Your future begins here. 2019 Course Chargeman L1 Building Contract Electrical Wiring (BCEW) Authorized To Test (ATT) Wireman SEDA (OGPV) Genset CM-L3 CM-L4 Click me ATT2019 Learn from us and be Certified as Authorized Tester. Call NOW for PROMO rates and REGISTER with us. Interested become an electrical tester ? Slide Exam When is next exam ? Check my results ? Come register your COMPETENCY examinations. CNY2021 2021 Wishing all our clients a HAPPY NEW YEAR ..and stay safe. CML4 YES to REGISTER Competency in Chargeman L4 Powering up with cleaner energy Sarawak Future Certified by E.I.U, come learn from us !! SEDA Calling all Degree & Diploma holders, get certified... Professional Certificate in Solar Design Course Off-Grid Solar PV System Design Course (By SEDA) YOU are our future... Register Now Wireman WIREMAN ... your path to your own boss begins here. YES I want this. the starting career in engineering...

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Courses offered in FEBUARY 2021, call us now 082-480868 or 552096 to register.

1.  CHARGEMAN L3 1 Feb – 4 Feb 2021 4 days
2.  CHARGEMAN L1 (3 weeks) 22 Feb – 12 Mar 2021 15 days
3.  CHARGEMAN L1 (6 weekends)
27 Feb – 4 Apr 2021
12 days (6 weekends)
4.  WIREMAN GRADE 2 (6 weekends)
27 Feb – 4 Apr 2021
12 days (6 weekends)

 Competency EIU Examination (FEBUARY 2021)